Thought Leadership

Executive Search

How to build YOUR brand


by Joe Metts
Marketing Intern at Charles Aris Inc.

As 2017 fast approaches, it’s imperative that hiring authorities and career candidates understand the changing dynamics of executive search. Retained executive recruiting firms are evolving as more companies turn to them to globalize their searches for the world’s top talent, with social media and technology at the heart of this evolution.

Technology has altered the way we do business, opening up an array of data accessible to recruiters around the globe. In the past, candidates were often advised not to develop a deep social-media presence, as it blurred the line between one’s professional life and personal life. People generally avoided full transparency in social media in an attempt to keep their image “strictly business” beyond their immediate circle of family and friends.

That close-to-the-vest philosophy now appears in direct contrast to a more open approach to social networks, which have become integral tools for career-minded talents and the executive search firms which seek them on behalf of client organizations. Social networks have become an avenue for professionals to build their personal brands and more clearly define who they are as individuals.

At Charles Aris Inc., we heavily factor cultural fit into the equation for every role we fill. We strive to place gifted and motivated candidates in mission-critical roles where they are natural fits with our clients. Expert vetting results in one of the highest retention rates in recruiting: An extraordinary 85.5 percent of our placements remain with our client organizations after three years.

Cutting-edge technology enables experienced recruiters to leverage a wealth of resources in the process of identifying, vetting and attracting A-level talent around the world, and social media plays a major role in fulfilling that quest. Ultimately, effective recruiters want to get to know YOU, your family, your professional and personal goals, and the ways in which they can help you achieve them. It’s easy to talk education and work experience, but cultural fit beyond the résumé is often the difference maker as recruiters work to complete talent searches on behalf of client organizations.

So as you navigate and update others on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, keep in mind that a personal touch is encouraged. Just remember that each and every social post is a direct representation of yourself as an individual, and should be treated as though your next employer is sitting in the front row of your audience. With one questionable remark or photo, qualified candidates can quickly take themselves from hero to zero.

Responsibly paint a full picture and let people know who you are after the workweek is over. Leverage social media in a way that helps you develop and illustrate your brand, the value you can provide, and the fit you may be for the current opportunity in front of a recruiter. Transparency is what creates an efficient, effective search for all parties, and will more often than not help recruiters put you in the best career situation possible.


"Thanks, Charles Aris, appreciate your dedication in finding such great talent for us to select from."

— The VP of Strategic Product Management for a Fortune 30 retailer, responding to an email informing him that Charles Aris Inc.'s candidate had just accepted the retailer's job offer.