Our Charge

A dedicated project team committed to your talent search from start to finish

50 Years of Experience

The most thorough and sophisticated recruitment process in the industry, backed by half a century on the job

Only the Best Talent

A process that bypasses B-Players and ensures that nothing but A-Players are presented for your consideration


Open, honest and candid communication, in all directions with all involved, throughout the entire search

Our Priority Search Process

In searching the world for precisely the right talent for your organization, we leave nothing to chance.

That’s why we offer you the time-tested and highly effective Charles Aris Priority Search Process. This 14-step approach identifies, qualifies and delivers the talent you need.

Our process begins with a deep dive into the technical skills and personality traits you expect in a top candidate. Once we know exactly what you want, we assign a project team of search consultants who work with you every step of the way to find whom you want.


Our project team homes in on the best candidates — the ones who are qualified, available and interested. By the time they are presented to you, candidates have been rigorously vetted through interviews,  extensive reference checks and, if need or want be, personality profiling.

After you and your team have personally interviewed the finalists and made your selection, we help seal the deal by managing a smooth offer and negotiation process. Once your winning candidate is in the job, we follow up to make sure the relationship is working well.

That’s first-class service from the starting gate to the finish line — and beyond. That’s the Charles Aris Priority Search Process.

Care to learn more about the Charles Aris Priority Search Process? Feel free to reach out to any of our Practice Leaders, each of whom will be more than happy to walk you through the process and show you sample deliverables.

How We Partner With You

What is Charles Aris’ recent track record of success?

Here’s the bottom line: Since 2011, for every 3.12 candidates we’ve put in front of a client, one of them was hired. That’s a phenomenal track record of success in the executive search industry. Over the past three years, we’ve made placements with more than 100 different companies located across 44 states and six countries. Internationally, we’ve successfully completed searches for clients in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Does Charles Aris have the expertise and experience needed to find talent in your specific industry?

At Charles Aris, our specialties are search and recruitment. So we devote considerable time to developing the expertise and resources needed to find precisely the right talent in an array of industries and functions.

How does Charles Aris do it?

Most of our Practice Leaders join Charles Aris after highly successful careers in their industries of focus. Their direct experience in your field provides the knowledge to understand the unique challenges and opportunities you and your company face. Learn more about our Practice Leaders and their experience in your industry.

How sophisticated is Charles Aris’ use of technology in the search process?

Charles Aris has long embraced cutting-edge technology in delivering world-class talent for world-class companies. From our insightful personality profiling tools to our robust database of 300,000-plus candidates to our numerous research services, Charles Aris fully leverages the latest technology to identify, recruit and deliver the top talent to you.

How do clients compensate Charles Aris?

We believe that true partnerships are fostered by shared risk, with both parties having skin in the game. In this fashion, the incentives for both parties are aligned from the start: Quickly find and secure world-class talent!

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