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Metrics drive our results and your success

Charles Aris measures success by metrics-driven results — progress you can gauge in deliverables for each search and, ultimately, whom we deliver to you.

3 Interviews, 1 Hire

It is an astounding ratio: 2.9:1 since 2003. For every three candidates we present, the odds say you'll hire at least one.

Sky-High Retention

We have one of the highest retention rates in recruiting: 87% of our placements remain with your organization after three years.

Global Capability

Charles Aris has no geographic boundaries. We have placed executives and other A-level players in 45 states and 13 countries.

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Featured case study: Healthcare CEO

The Challenge – Our client, which operates a highly regulated network of specialty hospitals, was on the verge of collapse after losing three medical facilities in a natural disaster and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The organization needed a strong CEO to help turn the tide while leading its flagship facility.
Our Strategy – Charles Aris Inc. was brought in to find an experienced administrator to provide much-needed leadership, push patient-care quality ever higher and foster business relationships with physicians. The Charles Aris team of researchers and recruiters needed to find this talent in the client’s locale – and quickly.
The Results – Charles Aris used market mastery and a laser-like focus to quickly identify, contact and vet two top-tier leaders before presenting them as formal candidates to the client, who needed to look no further. The winning candidate, a highly regarded and experienced clinician who was serving as the interim CEO of a hospital with the same specialty as our client’s flagship facility, was an immediate hit. Charles Aris filled the client’s executive role with expert, local talent in 35 days.

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Director of Global Product Stewardship

Electrical Engineering Team Lead


Sourcing Manager

Chief Financial Officer

Director of Operations

Lean Operations Leader

Director of Strategy & Business Development

Development Chemist


Corporate Controller

Business Development Manager

Product Marketing Manager

General Manager

Vice President


Director, Category


Sr. Manager, Corporate Strategy


General Manager USA


Director of Operations


VP Finance




Senior Manager - Global Intelligence


Chief Operating Officer


Development Chemist


Senior Project Manger


Project Management Officer


Account Executive


VP, Solution Sales




Director M&A


Lean Operational Leader


Director of HR


Senior Manager, Strategy




Senior Manager, Strategy & Business Development

Director of Talent

Chief Financial Officer

VP Commercial Controlling

President / Managing Director

Product Design Engineering Manager

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“Thanks, Charles Aris, appreciate your dedication in finding such great talent for us to select from.”

— The VP of Strategic Product Management for a Fortune 30 retailer, responding to an email informing him that Charles Aris Inc.'s candidate had just accepted the retailer's job offer