Eric Dobbins

Eric Dobbins
Campus Greensboro Summer Fellow
336-378-1818 x9194


Eric Dobbins is a Charles Aris marketing and communications intern specializing in videography.

Eric is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he’ll soon earn a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and media studies.

Eric has worked in professional video for more than five years with various organizations in the Greensboro area. He is always looking to improve his craft and to bring newer and bigger ideas to life.

In his free time, Eric enjoys watching movies; spending time with his family and friends; and competing in various e-sport competitions.


"I'm very pleased with where we landed on this important role for our Chemical division. I've enjoyed working with Charles Aris. It takes great teamwork to get great results!"

— Hiring authority at a leading Fortune 500 company in the manufacturing sector