Industry Practices

Charles Aris serves every shape and size of company, from start-ups to industry leaders

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While Charles Aris Inc. does not limit itself or its executive search services to particular industries, it does feature a team of recruiters who have developed specialized expertise in certain sectors. Click on an industry below to learn more.

To discover the types of clients we serve and to see a sampling of current openings with them, please see our Job Board.

Private jet in the air with clouds in the background Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace & Defense

Our practice addresses mission-critical commercial and military operational hiring needs in the aerospace and defense industries.

Corn Agribusiness

From seed retail to precision agriculture, the Charles Aris Agribusiness practice serves every corner of the agricultural industry.

road in forest Automotive

We serve a range of global entities including Original Equipment Manufacturers plus Tier One, Tier Two and Tier Three suppliers.

Chemicals Chemicals

Our Chemicals practice serves a broad range of chemical companies, including specialty, polymers, composites and paints & coatings.

Shopping Cart Consumer / Retail
Consumer / Retail

This practice serves diverse clients including Retail and CPG firms in Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness and Household Goods.

Education Education

Our practice serves the needs of schools and institutions plus educational technology firms, service and content providers.

Calculator Chart Financial Services
Financial Services

The Charles Aris Financial Services practice covers the full range of financial functions and segments in this industry.

Healthcare Healthcare

The Charles Aris Healthcare practice identifies top talent for payers, providers, medical device companies and information technology firms.

Manufacturing Industrial Manufacturing
Industrial Manufacturing

The Charles Aris Industrial Manufacturing practice provides top engineering, operations, sales and marketing talent to industry leaders.

House Insurance

The Insurance practice at Charles Aris Inc. serves an array of clients operating in the P&C and Life insurance sectors.

People with Chart Private & Public Equity
Private & Public Equity

The Private & Public Equity practice serves the talent needs of firms as well as the needs of their portfolio companies.

Apartments Real Estate
Real Estate

The Real Estate practice at Charles Aris Inc. caters to the needs of residential management and investment firms.

Windmill Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

This Charles Aris practice delivers top talent as societies increasingly replace conventional fuels with sustainable alternatives.

Tech Wires Technology

The Technology practice at Charles Aris Inc. aids firms in sectors including software, hardware, IT research and electronics.

Paper Wood Products
Wood Products

The Wood Products practice includes pulp and paper manufacturing and packaging, building materials, corrugated cardboard and more.


"To Chad Oakley and the entire Charles Aris team, your professionalism, dedication and passion made such a difference. Words cannot express my gratitude."

— A product manager for a large national health insurance company, after accepting an offer from a Charles Aris client