Taking on talent: Ashley Davies grows into new position at Charles Aris

Ashley Davies has always had a passion for communicating with others, but she never imagined that passion would lead to her new role as talent acquisition coordinator at Charles Aris Executive Search.

A recent college graduate, Davies earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

During her academic career, she was determined to pursue as many opportunities as possible. From the campus activities board to the office of intercultural engagement, Ashley left no opportunity untouched, and in her final semester she worked as a recruiting intern for Charles Aris.

Davies says the most valuable skill she took away from that experience was not being afraid to jump in. “You risk missing an opportunity if you wait for the perfect moment,” she said.

At the end of her internship, Ashley accepted the offer to become a talent acquisition coordinator. She says she’s excited for the opportunity to continue growing and learning at Charles Aris.

As talent acquisition coordinator, Ashley will serve as a filter for internal candidates looking to join the Charles Aris team. Her face will often be the first one an applicant sees when interviewing for a position. She feels strongly that it’s her job to make sure who we invite onto the team will be an asset, while maintaining and superseding the firm’s expectations.

“It’s a lot of responsibility, but I’m very proud that they’re trusting me with [this] position,” she added.

Ashley’s main goal is to fill as many open positions as possible by the end of Q1. Some of her other goals include presenting high-quality candidates and strengthening her personal discernment like a muscle.

From an early age, Davies gravitated towards career paths that required strong communication skills. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a grocery store cashier or teacher, but found her career aspirations changing as she grew older. While Ashley didn’t immediately know what she wanted out of a career, her desire to connect with others brought her to this role at Charles Aris, and she says she couldn’t be happier.

When asked how she would describe her experience at Charles Aris thus far, Ashley said it’s been “a challenge, in a good way.”

In the past, she would find herself shying away from challenges, but her internship brought out a new confidence that enabled her to face obstacles head-on.

She gave the example of making outbound calls as a recruiting intern. “Either you make the call, or you don’t,” she reflected. Although it seemed intimidating at first, Ashley overcame that challenge and plans to continue pushing through any hurdles she encounters.

In her new role, she’s looking forward to “getting into a groove” and using her communication skills to connect with even more people. Although a full-time role will be an adjustment, and Ashley recognizes there’s a lot to learn, she’s excited to use the valuable lessons from her internship to find and welcome new team members to Charles Aris.

If you’d like to learn more about Ashley Davies and her position as talent acquisition coordinator, visit her profile on the “Our Team” page at charlesaris.com.