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The Sales & Marketing practice at Charles Aris Inc. has its hands in every industry practice the search firm serves. Clients have unique needs, both technical and cultural. The Charles Aris 14-Step Priority Search Process is designed to deliver nothing but qualified, available and interested candidates to address hiring authorities' top talent needs. The Charles Aris Sales & Marketing team routinely fills key positions at all levels of the sales hierarchy, from account managers to vice presidents, inside and outside sales, B2B and B2C. Similarly, Charles Aris has completed a host of urgent searches for marketing roles ranging from brand managers to consumer insights directors to CMOs.

Job Listings in this Industry

Job Title



Leading Building Solutions Provider

Greensboro, N.C.

Leading National Retailer of Consumer Services

Southeastern USA

Leading Premium Flooring Distributor

Northeastern USA

Leading Electronic Components Manufacturer


Fast-Growing Audio Products Manufacturer

West Coast USA

Disposable Medical Device Manufacturer

South Central USA

Leading HVAC & Energy Services Company

North Carolina

Global Thread Manufacturer

New York City

Charles Aris Inc.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Charles Aris Inc.

Greensboro, North Carolina


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