Our Story

Meeting mission-critical search and recruitment needs since 1969

Our Mission

The mission and principles of Charles Aris form the foundation of this executive search firm’s extended run of success.

Given the many distractions in today’s global business environment, staying focused and centered on core values is critical to any company’s longevity. At Charles Aris, our mission and principles are deep and abiding reminders of all that has carried the firm through five impactful decades in retained executive search, and all that will ensure the company’s continued success over the next five.

The statements you see below hang in the company’s Learning Center, where Charles Aris team members strategize each and every day:


Charles Aris will provide a fulfilling career path and continuous opportunities for professional growth and satisfaction for our team members.


Charles Aris will provide the highest quality executive search and placement services in the world by responding to our clients' human capital needs with a bias for action, total quality service and a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.


Charles Aris will achieve financial success in order to reward our team members and grow as an organization through investment.

Charles Mitch Oakley

Message from the Founder and Chairman

As an executive search consultant since 1969, I've partnered with clients worldwide when the economy was strong and when it was struggling. Regardless of the external conditions, I've found that thriving companies always have one crucial quality in common: a pipeline of world-class talent.

Talented leaders are the bedrock of business success. They set winning strategies. They drive innovation. They ensure execution. In today's challenging global economy, top talent is more vital than ever.

As the founder and chairman of Charles Aris Inc., I know how much talented colleagues matter to my firm's future — and, of course, to yours. Even more importantly, our company knows how to find the very best talent in the world. Let's talk about delivering it to you.

Warm regards,

Charles "Mitch" Oakley

Our 22 Principles

Mission and Principles are the bedrock of our success. The statements you see below hang in our Learning Center, where we gather as a company every day. With all the distractions in today's global business environment, staying focused and centered on our core is critical to our longevity. Our Mission and Principles are a constant and steady reminder of what got us to more than forty years in executive search, and what will ensure our continued success over the next forty.

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Four Reasons We Stand Apart

Our clients tell us there are four main reasons they choose us over competitors …

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1. Expertise

Charles Aris Executive Search knows how to identify world-class leadership talent. With more than a half century of experience and expertise, we have one of the most comprehensive databases of candidates in the executive search industry — and we're constantly adding to it. Most of our recruiters joined Charles Aris after successful careers in their industries of focus. So whether your business ranges from industrial products or consumer packaged goods to healthcare or professional services, our team has the knowledge and access to understand and solve your talent needs.

2. Execution

We know where to find qualified, available and interested talent. More importantly, we know how to get it to you. In 2018, Charles Aris placed 163 candidates in mission-critical roles. For every position, we follow our time-tested and highly effective Priority Search Process, a 14-step approach that identifies, qualifies and delivers the talent you need. How do we know it works? The answer is simple: 3.12 to 1. For every 3.12 candidates we put in front of clients, one of them is hired. That means you save time and money.

3. Focus on Cultural Fit

Ensuring that candidates have the right technical skills is just half the answer. It's equally important that they fit your culture — and Charles Aris makes sure they will. During our 360-degree reference process, we speak with all candidates' supervisors, peers and subordinates to get a strong sense of personality and leadership style before we even introduce them to you. We match candidates' skills with the core competencies of critical roles in your company, then match candidates' individual traits with your organization's unique culture.

4. World-Class Deliverables

Details matter. Our deliverables demonstrate our commitment to getting things right. Charles Aris starts with a detailed Assignment Specification, which we write and send to hiring authorities at the start of every search to make sure our project team and yours are on the same page. Throughout the Priority Search Process, you will receive a weekly update that details the status of every candidate in your talent pipeline. You also receive an in-depth scorecard detailing the background, strengths and weaknesses of every candidate we formally present to you. You will know exactly where your search stands from start to finish.

"I'm very pleased with where we landed on this important role for our Chemical division. I've enjoyed working with Charles Aris. It takes great teamwork to get great results!"

— Hiring authority at a leading Fortune 500 company in the manufacturing sector