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We completed 1,074 total searches from 2018 to 2022, including 548 for private equity firms or their portfolio companies; 429 of which were portfolio companies owned by 103 different private equity firms.

Strong Partnerships with Private Equity Firms

We’ve built extensive partnerships with multiple top-tier private equity firms, as demonstrated by them leveraging us across multiple portfolio companies.


Mitch Oakley

Founder & Chairman – Charles Aris Inc.

Chad Oakley

CEO – Practice Leader

TJ Deal

Managing Director – Practice Leader

Greg Harper

SVP – Practice Leader

Jim Etling

SVP – Practice Leader

Steven Stewart

VP – Practice Leader

Jill Jitima

VP – Practice Leader

Ashlee Wagner

VP – Practice Leader

Jody Bischoff

VP – Practice Leader

Ryan Morgan

Senior Practice Leader

Diane DeRosa-Fedor

Practice Leader

Eric Spell

Practice Leader

Josh Kotelnicki

Practice Leader

Derek Gracey

Practice Leader

Julia Opaleski

Director of Consumer, Retail & Hospitality Strategy Practice

Dana Mull

Senior Associate Practice Leader

Kevin Stemke

Senior Associate Practice Leader

Derek Terry

Senior Associate Practice Leader

Drew Dawson

Senior Associate Practice Leader

Jacob Watkins

Senior Associate Practice Leader

2023 Private Equity Offer Report

We’re excited to release the first edition of our annual Private Equity Offer Report, which details a subset of the offers we coordinated for the fund and portfolio-level private equity searches we completed in the last year. The report sorts offers by industry, compensation, title and results.

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