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“It’s just a phone interview. Why should I prepare?!”


by Jody Karavanic
Senior Practice Leader at Charles Aris Inc.

Every organization has a different interview process, but the format we typically see is: phone interview; first in-person interview; and final interview. While most would agree that each is equally important, we find that candidates are less likely to prepare for phone interviews than they are for in-person interviews in the later rounds.

This flies in the face of logic. Without an excellent…

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Inventory views: Financial vs. Operational

by Blair Bass
Practice Leader at Charles Aris Inc.

Almost all companies with any inventory will reconcile it to the financial ledger at least once a year. I can clearly remember those twice-a-year, wall-to-wall inventory weekends when I was starting out in wholesale distribution. Those were grueling all-nighters – four in a row – until the controller was satisfied that we had somehow “reconciled” the balances back to a net-zero explainable difference.

After all…

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Who does the heavy lifting in corporate America? You do.


by Chad Oakley
Chief Executive Officer at Charles Aris Inc.

About 10 years ago, shortly after I had left Bain & Company and was ramping up my executive search practice here at Charles Aris Inc., I was in Atlanta meeting with one of my clients – the Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development for a market-leading $10 billion company. When I walked into the EVP’s spacious office, he was seated at his desk, working feverishly on his…

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It’s our job to care about your job


by Joe Metts
Marketing Intern at Charles Aris Inc.

Open, honest and candid communication serves as the backbone of successful business partnerships. Many of us live in a world where little can be accomplished without two or more parties actively collaborating to produce results.

At Charles Aris Inc., we’re no different. There are three primary parties in every talent search we conduct: our client, our candidates and our executive search consultants. Each…

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krumroy spotlight Charles Aris News

Ryan “The Doctor” Krumroy provides consultations in executive search


by Joe Metts
Marketing Intern at Charles Aris Inc.

As an organization that thrives thanks to the strength of its people, Charles Aris Inc. is proud to highlight its outstanding team members. In our new Spotlight series, we look into the lives, experiences and expertise of Charles Aris all-stars in an effort to share more about who we are individually and collectively. 

How does a professional jet skier transform into a leading executive recruiter?…

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"To Chad Oakley and the entire Charles Aris team, your professionalism, dedication and passion made such a difference. Words cannot express my gratitude."

— Product Manager,
Large National Health Insurance Company, Upon recently accepting an offer from a Charles Aris client.