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On-cycle recruiting, explained

If you’re an early-career professional looking to get involved in the private equity space, chances are you’ve heard about on-cycle recruiting. On-cycle recruiting is the week-long period, usually during the fall, in which private equity firms compete to secure the best young talent for their future associate classes.

Strategy, Executive Search

The Strategy Consulting Compensation Study, explained

For 12 years, Charles Aris has published some of the most widely circulated reports in the consulting industry: the Strategy Consulting Compensation Study, which focuses on current consultants, and the Former Consultant Strategy Compensation Study, which focuses on those who have moved on from the consulting industry.

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Social media tips for young professionals

Social media platforms are the most powerful tools we have to connect with other people. For reference, Facebook had 1.96 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “B”) active daily users as of Q1 2022.