Charles Aris Transaction Services

Our Story

Over the years, Charles Aris developed a deep expertise in the world of private equity by working to place top talent with the most acquisitive firms in the industry. After hundreds of successful talent searches, our clients began asking us for help sourcing business deals.

Then, leveraging the same procedures our firm uses to source and place top talent, we were able to help one of our clients close on a platform and add-on acquisition, with two more added acquisitions that were placed under LOI. Now, Charles Aris Transaction Services has become its own business and is headed by Charles Aris Founder & Chairman Mitch Oakley and its new managing director, Sean Curley.

The Charles Aris Transaction Services Team

Mitch Oakley

Founder & Chairman – Charles Aris Inc.

Sean Curley

Managing Director – Charles Aris Transaction Services

Scott Reinecke

Associate – Charles Aris Transaction Services

Laura Sehlhorst

Senior Researcher

Mitch Oakley

Charles Aris Executive Search Founder and Chairman Mitch Oakley has led the retained executive search firm since 1969. Mitch also founded Charles Aris Transaction Services, helping private equity clients find new acquisition opportunities.

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Sean Curley

Sean Curley serves as the managing director of Charles Aris Transaction Services, bringing 28 years of experience in public, private and private equity-backed businesses. Throughout his career, Sean has been on both sides of the table in various business acquisitions and has taken on transformational assignments integrating recently acquired companies, giving him a balanced view towards the clients he serves and the deals they’re pursuing.

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Our Capabilities

Research and Outreach

Operating within Charles Aris Inc. gives us access to time-tested resources as well as our leading research and marketing departments. With the help of these assets, we’re able to tap into a large network of business owners and executives spanning multiple industries. We leverage these internal departments to conduct research customized to the unique needs of your organization. This way, we never miss an opportunity to connect you with the right business.

Proactive and Persistent Sourcing

We wake up every day knowing our success is driven by proactive, persistent outreach to engage passive business owners in meaningful conversations. By taking a human-first perspective in business deals, we’re able to forge relationships that produce great results while staying connected with a variety of A-players operating within your target areas. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your portfolio, and we make connections through world-class professionalism and moxie.

Metrics and Accountability

Like our executive search teams, we take a metrics-driven approach to our work and to our client relationships. When you partner with Charles Aris Transaction Services, we host a weekly touch-base to explain our progress from a data-first perspective. You will always know exactly where your search stands as well as what we’re learning from the marketplace because we provide detailed reports that show our work openly and transparently.

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