General Resources

A short guide for investors pursuing AgTech

In this report, we share sentiments from current AgTech stakeholders, including farmers, firms and investors, about the state of the industry and what to look forward to in the coming years.

The Post-Interview Pivot

Interviewing can be intense, especially if you’re a finalist who didn’t land the job. But don’t be too hard on yourself; having runner-up status gives you a unique opportunity to reflect on your career and pursue even better opportunities moving forward.

The Art of the Video Interview

Virtual interview sessions have risen in popularity and should be anticipated during your interview process. Many techniques will work well across interview formats, but a few key nuances of the video interview could make or break your candidacy.

Anatomy of a Chief Strategy Officer

The Charles Aris Strategy & Corporate Development team is excited to release The Anatomy of a Chief Strategy Officer. This report analyzes the backgrounds and experiences of CSOs (or the senior-most Strategy leaders) across the Fortune 500.

Executive Interview Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you build on what you already know and make the most of this opportunity through a successful interview. A job interview is much more than a question-and-answer session with a prospective employer.

Four Reasons A-Players Change Jobs

To effectively sell your opportunity, it’s critical to understand what drives executives to pursue new opportunities. In this presentation, we outline the top four reasons A-players switch careers.

Resignation Guide

The Charles Aris team is excited to add you to the growing network of A-level leaders who’ve joined our client organizations. While we trust your hiring process has been rewarding, we realize that difficult conversations may lie ahead.

Interview Guide

Over the course of your career, you’ve likely interviewed a number of candidates and performed well when identifying the best fit for your hiring needs. The purpose of this guide is to help build on what you already know and make the most of candidate visits.

Onboarding Guide

Joining a new organization and want to hit the ground running? These best practices can help ensure that every new opportunity is built to last and that you can make an impact even in your first days on the job.

Best Practices for a Virtual Interview Process

While qualifying prospective candidates and effectively demonstrating your organization’s culture in a virtual world is complicated, there are many ways to ensure that you are able to get comfortable with and overcome these challenges.

Virtual Onboarding Best Practices

As the world transitions to an increasingly digital environment with more remote workplaces, organizations are faced with the truth that virtual onboarding might be the new normal for some team members. While virtual onboarding can be tricky, it’s not impossible.