Jacob Watkins

Jacob Watkins
Associate Practice Leader

(336) 217-9151


Jacob Watkins is an associate practice leader that primarily focuses his recruiting efforts in the Strategy & Corporate Development function for Financial Services firms.

Jacob holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Guilford College and an associate degree in business administration from Patrick Henry Community College. In addition to his academic achievements, Jacob also competed as a member of the varsity baseball team at both institutions.

Jacob lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, and spends his free time engaging in community-based activities, playing sports, reading, and hiking with his black Labrador Retriever, Simba. Jacob is also a student pilot who is close to earning his private license.

Key documents

2021 Strategy Offer Report for Financial Services Firms: We’re excited to launch our biannual Financial Services Offer Report, which only includes recent offers by financial services clients. This report is a sampling of recent offers sorted by tenure, including offers that were accepted as well as those that were declined. Download the study today.

2021 Corporate Development Offer Report: The Corporate Development Offer Report details a subset of offers for corporate development searches we completed in 2021. The report organizes offers by level, highlights compensation, title and previous employment details, plus whether or not the offer was accepted or declined. Download the report today.

Jacob’s content


"I'm very pleased with where we landed on this important role for our Chemical division. I've enjoyed working with Charles Aris. It takes great teamwork to get great results!"

— Hiring authority at a leading Fortune 500 company in the manufacturing sector