Charles Aris in the community

By Taylor Rouse

Our firm places a high value on giving back to our communities, and our team members have been working alongside several organizations to do so. Read on to learn more about the most recent work we’ve been doing outside the office!

Meal packaging for Rise Against Hunger:

Charles Aris recently held a meal packaging event in partnership with Rise Against Hunger. During the event hosted at our Greensboro, North Carolina headquarters, we formed an assembly line to pack rice and soy for communities in need. Rise Against Hunger provided music and hairnets to make this event safe and enjoyable, and our team ended up packing 10,000 meals! Charles Aris also raised $3,800 over the course of Q3 to donate to this organization.

The mission of Rise Against Hunger is to end world hunger and help nourish underfed communities around the world. This organization utilizes donations to respond to emergencies and makes efforts to create self-sustaining communities. Its supporters feel strongly that all people should have equal access to nutritious food.

Assembling children’s bicycles for the Bikes for Kids Foundation:

During this event, our team members worked together to assemble bicycles in partnership with the Bikes for Kids Foundation. In just two hours, our team built 360 of the 800+ bikes this organization will award to children throughout the rest of 2022.

Bikes for Kids works to help at-risk children learn about perseverance and hard work by offering bicycles as rewards for winning essay projects. Its goal is to end poverty by instilling hard work and inspiring ambitious goals and dreams among children living in underprivileged communities.

A night of poker for the Family Support Network of Central Carolina:

Poker for Preemies & Peds is an event that helps raise money for the Family Support Network of Central Carolina and Cone Health Children’s Services. This fun-filled night of auctions and casino games plays a big part in contributing to these services which assist babies, children and families in the NICU or children’s hospital. Charles Aris was delighted to attend the 10th annual Poker for Preemies & Peds event and support this worthy cause.

The Family Support Network of Central Carolina is a nonprofit organization that supports, educates and comforts families of children born prematurely or with a disability. A hospital or NICU stay can be distressing, and this organization’s mission is to serve families and provide caring connections to help them get through this tough time.

Attending the AgTech Investor Symposium:

Our team members were excited to attend the AgTech Investor Symposium, a presentation hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) and centered around the fast-advancing AgTech industry. The day was scheduled as follows: An overview of AgTech and investment opportunities in the space, a panel discussion covering progressing areas of AgTech, a presentation from investment bankers, a Q&A session with AgTech CEOs and a closing session to talk with experts in the field and build connections.

ACG is a worldwide community that centers around the growth and development of corporate professionals. It is composed of 15,000 leaders who are skilled in aiding the progress and success of companies. ACG leads events like the AgTech Investor Symposium to share its members’ expertise and foster connections across a variety of sectors.