Why we embrace an organic approach to every new search

With 54 years in executive search, our firm has built a robust network of top candidates across our areas of expertise. Despite the strength of this network, we believe in sourcing candidates for every search organically. Here’s why:

An “A” level candidate is most often gainfully employed.

When we kick off a new search, we start from scratch. We begin by conducting an extensive work session that aligns our understanding of our client’s exact candidate profile. This work session allows us to pinpoint not only the technical, work experience and educational requirements of the candidate but also the cultural fit requirements, enabling us to narrow our search to a few key attributes.

Next, we hold a strategic work session with our research team. This allows us to further refine the ideal candidate profile to conduct a highly targeted search for prospects who might align with our client’s specifications. Even with this targeted group of individuals, we further refine the list to a handful of people who truly represent the top-tier talent in their respective marketplaces. These targeted individuals are still only a starting place for our recruiters.

High-caliber individuals tend to be happily employed with an organization that treats them well. It’s our mission to effectively share why our client’s opportunity presents an advantageous next step in their already-flourishing career. This approach is how we build successful relationships for our clients and candidates.

So, how does Charles Aris leverage its candidate network?

If we have an individual’s résumé, location preference, target role and target industry in our system, our team always cross references this data with our clients’ search specifications during the kick-off phase – just in case the winning candidate happens to be in our archives. However, executive search relies on specificity, so the viability of an in-network candidate for a client role ultimately relies on fortuitous timing.

If you don’t currently fit any of our available roles, there’s a possibility that in three, five or even 10 years, we may have a position that perfectly aligns with your profile. The best way to prepare for this potential opportunity is by reaching out to our team with your résumé. Please include as many details as possible about your preferences for a new opportunity, and we will archive this information for future reference.

The takeaway:

At Charles Aris, we have the privilege of developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with exceptional individuals and organizations. Due to our highly targeted approach to executive search, it is uncommon for us to place a candidate who proactively contacts us with one of our clients. Instead, we frequently identify the “passive” candidate. These are professionals who are not actively seeking new opportunities but are open to considering a client role based on the career trajectory it offers.

Nevertheless, if you are an active candidate interested in engaging in a career conversation, or if you want to ensure we have an up-to-date version of your résumé, our team members are always happy to connect.

If you’d like to discuss a hiring need within your organization or pursue a new role, please visit our “Contact Us” page to get in touch.