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3 Interviews, 1 Hire
It is an astounding ratio: 3.16:1 since 2011. For every three candidates we present, the odds say you'll hire at least one.
Sky-High Retention
We have one of the highest retention rates in recruiting: 81% of our placements remain with your organization after three years.
Global Capability
Our global reach stems from recruitment in 44 states and extends to 55 countries in nearly 100 offices around the world.
The Charles Aris Consumer + Retail practice serves a broad range of retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies including specialty, discount, department, big box, e-commerce, restaurant and grocery stores as well as the products they hold. The retail world is governed by an all-powerful reality: Consumers are not always predictable and profit margins are thin. This complex landscape, with its new technology and shifts toward omnichannel retail, makes the call for top leadership more important than ever. The retail and consumer spaces require leaders who can deliver growth, adapt to change and maintain profitability. Given those hard facts, the differentiator is the talent of the people who work within the boundaries of those realities. The Charles Aris Consumer + Retail search team routinely finds and helps land A-level talent by not only matching individuals to the technical aspects of the position but also the critical cultural aspects of the client. We first get to know you and your organization's goals, then find the leaders to help you achieve those objectives. Whether you're in need of a Strategy Manager or a Director of Corporate Sales, our team will deliver the best to you.
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Employee Retention
With the world having the most competitive talent market in history, employee retention is crucial. Read about what to consider in order to keep employees happy in a given position.  
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Associate Practice Leader Julia Opaleski highlights how her Quaker upbringing lead to her love for recruiting. She's passionate about the consumer experience and always puts her best foot forward.

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Leading Global Retailer

New York City

Confidential Retail Solutions Leader

Any Major U.S. City

Highly Acquisitive PE Backed Multisite Consumer / Retail Company

Any Major U.S. City

Consumer-Focused PE Firm


Multinational Leading Consumer / Food & Beverage Company


PE Backed Consumer Services Organization

Southeastern USA

Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Company

Purchase, NY

High Profile Tech / Consumer Leader

San Francisco Bay Area

Fortune 500 CPG & Industrial Manufacturer


Global Private Equity Firm


Fortune 200 CPG Company


Industry-Leading Retailer

Phoenix, Arizona

PE Backed Global Consumer / Retail Company

Western USA

PE Backed Global Consumer / Retail Company

Pacific Northwest USA

PE Backed Global Consumer / Retail Company

San Francisco; Denver; Seattle

Consumer Products Marketer & Distributer


PE Backed Portfolio Consumer & Retail Organization

Northeastern USA or Southeastern USA

High-Growth PE Backed Consumer Healthcare Company

Greater Washington, D.C.; Remote

Publicly Traded Telecom Company

Greater Seattle

Industry-Leading High-Growth Industrial / Retail Company


Mission-Driven Global Food & Beverage Company

Mid-Atlantic USA

Publicly Traded Telecom Company