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Consumer / Retail

The Charles Aris Consumer practice serves a broad range of Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies including specialty, discount, department, big box, e-commerce, restaurant and grocery stores and the products they hold. The retail world is governed by an all-powerful reality: Consumers are not always predictable, and profit margins are thin. Given those hard facts, the differentiator is the talent of the people who work within the boundaries of that reality. The quality of the decisions made by a company will ultimately determine its ability to stay close to the consumer and achieve profitability within those narrow margins. The Charles Aris Consumer practice routinely finds and helps land A-level talent by not only matching individuals to the technical aspects of the position but also the critical cultural aspects of the client. We first get to know you and your company's goals, then find the leaders to help you achieve those objectives.

Job Listings in this Industry

Job Title



Leading Retail Marketing Services Firm

Dallas; Philadelphia; Little Rock, Ark.

National Footwear & Accessories Company

Midwestern USA

Fortune 100 Retailer

Northeastern USA

Consumer-Focused Private Equity Firm

Greater New York City

Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Company


Leading Global Hospitality Company

Southeastern USA

Fortune 100 Retailer

Northeastern USA

Consumer Recreation Education Provider


Leading Food & Beverage Company


Fortune 100 Retailer

Northeastern USA

Global Food & Beverage Provider

United States


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