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3 Interviews, 1 Hire
It is an astounding ratio: 3.16:1 since 2011. For every three candidates we present, the odds say you'll hire at least one.
Sky-High Retention
We have one of the highest retention rates in recruiting: 81% of our placements remain with your organization after three years.
Global Capability
Our global reach stems from recruitment in 44 states and extends to 55 countries in nearly 100 offices around the world.
The Charles Aris Chemicals industry recruiting practice serves the ever-evolving needs of organizations in areas ranging from oil and gas and specialty chemicals to minerals, pharmaceuticals and plastics. The global chemicals sector dramatically impacts industries around the world, creating a need for A-level leaders who understand how to best manage increased regulatory standards, stringent environment laws and threats from escalating industry costs.
Our Chemicals recruiting team brings with them more than two decades of experience identifying, attracting and delivering the world’s top leaders in the sector to our client organizations. This Charles Aris team has completed more than 100 searches in the past decade for positions ranging from production manager to C-suite roles in the functional areas of Engineering, Operations & Supply Chain, Executive Leadership, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, and Strategy & Corporate Development. Whether you’re seeking your next great chemist or a chief scientist, the Charles Aris team stands ready to help fill your mission-critical hiring needs.
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Talent for Industry 4.0
As manufacturing has quickly adapted to new technologies, you may be wondering if your organization is equipped with the right team to handle these changes.
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