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Private Equity & Asset Management

There's a war for talent being waged across every business segment and functional area of corporate America. Companies of all shapes and sizes are battling for the very best talent available, striving to gain every possible competitive edge under difficult business conditions.

Private equity firms are especially impacted by the need for A-level talent. With limited timeframes in which to provide a return to their investors, private equity firms don't have the luxury of developing talent over long periods of time. The need to top-grade senior leaders in the portfolio ranks is constant and has never been as important as it is now.

Charles Aris clients insist on talent with world-class skill sets in their disciplines and an exceptional understanding of the drivers unique to success in the private equity world.

The Private Equity & Asset Management team at Charles Aris uses its industry-leading priority search process to consistently attract and deliver talent uniquely qualified for each of its clients' diverse needs. This focused approach, in combination with the team's relentless drive, ensures that each client's needs are addressed with the highest quality talent available.

We understand that operational excellence is integral to driving value and growth in portfolio investments – and that each investment entails unique operational needs. We excel at helping client organizations define the ideal blend of operational excellence, transformation expertise, bias for action and cultural change management to drive value in their investments, then deploy targeted methods to find and land top talent to address their specific operational needs.

Job Listings in this Industry

Job Title



Plastics Packaging Manufacturer

Southeastern USA

Plastics Packaging Manufacturer

Northeastern USA

PE Backed Consumer Goods Company


High-Growth Tech Firm

East Coast USA

PE Backed Consumer / Retail Company

Greater Los Angeles

PE Backed Consumer / Retail Company

Greater Los Angeles

Lower Middle Market Private Equity Firm

San Francisco

Leading Private Equity Firm

Northeastern USA

PE Backed Retail Solutions Leader

South Central USA

PE Backed Health & Fitness Company

Northeastern USA

PE Backed Consumer Wellness Company

Southeastern USA

Residential Irrigation Products Manufacturer

Mountain West USA

Dental Materials Manufacturer

Racine, Wisconsin

PE Backed Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer


Middle Market Private Equity Firm

New York City


"Charles Aris truly stands out as an exceptional recruiting firm and is top-notch in terms of professionalism, preparation and visibility during the interview process. I will definitely keep your team in mind as I continue to progress in my career."

— Candidate who accepted a job with a Boston-based private equity firm

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